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The artwork of Randy Hodges, the Manteo Blacksmith, takes different forms and has seen many progressions. Much of his art involves reshaping and repurposing bits and pieces of iron that are left from the disintegration of the products of the Industrial Revolution. His favorite materials are old tools and scrap iron. As he forges on these pieces of the past, he ponders the new digital Revolution and what it means for the future.

Most of Randy's art falls into one of 4 categories. Descriptions and images follow:

Scrap Metal Menagerie

A line of creatures sculpted from a variety of salvaged steel materials, featuring
insects, reptiles, fish, birds, people, and so forth that are unique, sometimes outsized, and always familiar

Samples of Scrap Metal Menagerie

Iron Horseplay

A line of artwork and utilitarian items forged from used horseshoes.
We create a range of things from practical wall hooks to engaging creature sculptures,
all carrying the spirit of luck that is forged into horseshoes.

Samples of Iron Horseplay

Old Tools Wine Accoutrements

A unique line of wine bottle racks and wine glass racks made from a variety of vintage
and used hand tools - they're lots of fun !
I enjoy using my ingenuity to create a wide selection of table top and wall or ceiling mounted holders
for wine bottles and glasses.

Samples of Old Tools Wine Accoutrements

Refined Railroad

A line of accessories for home and office made from used railroad spikes and other railroad hardware.
We make everything from business card and paper towel holders to whimsical creatures,
and will do customized projects that will thrill any railroad enthusiast.

Samples of Refined Railroad